• Код: 11-02
  • Цена: 287 000EUR
  • Год: 2003
  • Формат: 520x740 mm
  • Количество отпечатков: 230 mio


Age 2003
Max. paper size 530x740 mm
Smallest size 210x350 mm
Image area 510x740 mm
Speed 15.000 sh/h
Length 9540 mm
Width                           2975 mm
Height                          1940 mm
Weight approx.             27390 kg
Colors                           5
Counter approx.           230 mio
Offer details
Condition                       Good
Condition of cylinders    Damage free
Still in production No
Test possible No
Complete and in working condition     Yes
Available 08/2017
Exellent condition
Machine configuration
Tower - Coater with 2 pan roller system varnish
Extended delivery X2
Technotrans refregeration Center
Prepared for Ink temp control
 AirStar Pro ( air cooled )
Nonstop manual in delivery
ALCOLOR VARIO dampening system
CP 2000 Control Center
Axis Control
automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing unit
automatic Ink-Roller Washing device
Drystar 2000 Combination IR Dryer
Preset Plus in feeder and delivery
Preset Stream feeder
Electronic double sheet control
Ultrasonic double sheet control
Weko Powder Spray
ELTEX antistatic eliminator